Superficial teleangectasies Vascular Laser Treatment

Vascular Laser Treatment

Laser technology allows faster recovery, minor pain, and minor local complications.

Thanks to the LASER method, it is possible to minimally invasive and effective all teleangectasies (dilated capillaries), angiomas and vascular lesions. In particular, LASER is able to handle superficial teleangectasies: red and blue, ensuring a better result than conventional treatments.

“But how does laser therapy work? Is it painful? And what happens after the treatment? “

The laser is a selective electromedical instrument because it affects the “sick” blood vessels without causing damage to surrounding tissues. The laser beam reaches the capillary in the form of heat coagulating it, due to thermal damage.

The total elimination of the variceal is noted at about 15 days, one month after treatment.The treatment is not painless. It is a minimal, bearable pain that can be solved by cooling the part to be treated.Immediately after being treated you will notice a redness that involves the area, such redness will tend to disappear within 2-3 days. Also in the following days it is likely to form crosticine. All these phenomena are transient and regress in a few days.