Wound Care

Heel pressure ulcer

Pain-knee injury (decubitus) in a sedentary patient.

The lesion was subjected to surgical debridement (a) and advanced dressings.The final result (b) shows beyond the complete healing, the re-emergence of normal trophism and the moisturizing of the tissues.

Diabetic ulcer with plantar fleace

Injury in a patient suffering from diabetic neuropathy with plantar abscess and tendon exposure.The lesion was subjected to surgical debridement (a), dermal matrix insertion (b) and advanced dressings.The end result (c) shows beyond complete healing, the resolution of peripheral inflammation and the reopening of the normal cutaneous cuticles of the plantar region.

Ulcer from peripheral obstructive arteriopathy

Ulcerative lesion from peripheral obstructive arterial disease with limb critical ischemia. Patient has undergone adequate systemic therapy, vascular physical therapy and advanced dressing. The final control (only 2 months of treatment) shows a complete re-epithelialization of the lesion and a greater hydration of the tissues.

Chronic venous insufficiency ulcer

Injury due to severe chronic venous insufficiency. The patient was subjected to surgical debridement, corrective surgery of venous pathology and advanced dressings and therapeutic bandages.

Post-Traumatic Injury Complicated Infection

Traumatic road injury complicated by infection. The patient was subjected to advanced dressings for 2 months.

Post-Traumatic Injury Complicated Infection

Injury complicated injury injury. Patient has been subjected to advanced dressings for 3 months.